Blonding Service
(highlights, balayage, all over blonding...)

After any blonding service, hair is considered “compromised.” Below are some steps to help manage any damage and how to help the longevity of your color.

● Be gentle while brushing, start from the ends and work your way up.

● The less you shampoo, the longer your gloss/toner will last.

● You may find you want to come in for a hydration deep conditioner treatment which is highly recommended for the overall health of your hair.

● Recommended Products:

○ ABC - Hydrating Shampoo, daily wash

               For coarser/drier hair use Innersense Hydration Shampoo + Conditioner

○ Innersense - Sweet Spirit, detangler

○ Pulp Riot Purple Shampoo, 3-4 times/ month for tone maintenance

Color Depositing
(all over color, gloss [as a stand alone appt], color retouch...)

These types of services are typically very gentle
on the hair and the easiest to maintain at home.

The following steps help to prevent color fading.

● Wash with a color safe shampoo

● Condition to help seal in/retain color

● Rinse hair with COOL water

● Minimal washing suggested

● Recommended Products:

○ ABC - Glow // Innersense -
Color Awakening - Shampoo & Conditioner, daily wash/condition.

○ ABC - Blow Dry Primer // Innersense -
Hair Love, protects from heat which causes color fading.

Fashion/Fantasy Color
(blue, green, purple, pink, etc...)

This specific type of color has the least longevity.

However there are precautions that can be taken to help keep your fun color as long as possible! Please keep in mind that your hair has to
undergo a blonding service prior to the application of the fashion/fantasy color. Please refer to the Blonding Service section to see how to care for the health of your hair.

● VERY minimal shampooing, try your best to not scrub where the color is (if you have a balayage with pink ends, only wash your scalp & not your colored ends)

● Wash with COLD water, this helps to seal hair cuticles and lock in color (try leaning over the tub so you don’t freeze your body!)

● Color Safe Shampoo.. It is NOT recommended you use purple toning shampoo to maintain a fashion/fantasy color, this is a product recommended for blonde hair only

● This type of service may require more frequent visits to refresh your colors.

● Recommended Products:

○ ABC - Glow // Innersense -
Color Awakening - Shampoo & Conditioner, daily wash/condition

○ Innersense - Sweet Spirit, detangle/condition

○ ABC - Hydrate Lotion, helps retain color and maintains hair health

○ Custom Conditioning Mask - this is mixed with your color!

Color Correction
(black to blonde, box-dye/non-professional color removal...)

When hair undergoes a color correction (CC for short), it has the potential to experience the most damage. Many times your stylist will provide a service that they seem is the most fit and these few steps will cover most ground with aftercare.

● Condition condition condition!
This can be done at home or come to the salon
for a deep conditioning service.

● Be KIND to your hair. This includes:
○ Minimal heat usage and be sure to use a LOW temp
○ Be gentle while brushing (especially when wet)
○ Try not to sleep with hair tightly pulled back

● Again, color safe shampoo will help to provide
the most longevity of your color

● Recommended Products:


○ ABC - Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner, daily wash

■ For coarser/drier hair use Innersense Hydration Shampoo + Conditioner

○ ABC Hydrating Mask with Replenish Essence Drops, weekly treatment

○ ABC - Hydrate Lotion, protects from heat which causes color fading & protects

potentially already compromised hair

For any other questions regarding hair care, please schedule a consultation with a hair service provider so they can better assess your hair to help you decide which regimen and products will be best for you