-DO NOT book a chemical peel if you have sensitive skin - or have Rosacea, Eczema or any other skin disorder - please consult with your doctor and receive written permission to undergo a chemical peel.

-DO NOT book a chemical peel if you have had facial waxing within 48 hours.

-DO NOT book a chemical peel if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

-DO NOT use any topical medication that may leave your skin vulnerable to a peel - such as Retinol, Renova, Retin-A, Accutane, AHA’s or BHA’s.

-DO use a 50 SPF sunscreen regularly prior to your appointment to avoid sun damage that may leave your skin vulnerable during a chemical peel service.

-DO maintain your normal skincare routine prior to your appointment - especially the use of gentle exfoliant cleansers + toners + hydrating moisturizers.

-DO discontinue the use of any glycolic cleansers 24 hours prior to your treatment.

-Our personal recommended cleanser is BioElements’ Quick Refiner to gently exfoliate the skin prior to your treatment, acclimate skin and to remove dead, dulling skin cells for a more even penetration of professional-strength peels. (Stop 24 hours prior to your treatment.)

-Our personal recommended moisturizer is BioElements’ Calmitude Hydrating Solution to instantly hydrate and prevent skin from dryness + lowered moisture levels.

-During a chemical peel you should never feel burning or pain - if you do please tell your service provider IMMEDIATELY. (Your skin may feel cool and or warm during your treatment - this is normal.)


-BioElements’ chemical peels are non-surgical, non-ablative, acid-hybrid peels that work invisibly on a microscopic level on the uppermost layers of the epidermis.

-Your skin may feel tight afterwards - especially on the cheek and forehead area - if you have naturally dry skin.

-No downtime! You can immediately apply cosmetics, skin care + sunscreen.

-DO practice the use of a 50 SPF sunscreen as part of your skincare routine after your chemical peel appointment to avoid an over-exposure of fresh skin to the sun.

-DO wait 48 hours after each treatment to rest skin before resuming any heavily glycolic cleansers.

-DO use BioElements’ Sensitive Skin Cleanser - recommended to help cleanse + rebalance without over stimulating or stripping skin. Reduces redness and soothes skin post peel.

-DO use BioElements’ Calmitude Hydrating Solution - recommended to instantly rehydrate, protect newly exposed skin from dryness + keep delicate skin saturated to amplify moisture levels between treatments.

-DO use BioElements’ Gel Therapy - recommended to infuse skin with an extra dose of skin-strengthening + balancing minerals. Essential for post-peel care to maximize hydration + strength.

-If you experience any adverse effects - such as scabbing, or intense peeling - avoid using makeup or skin care products that may be abrasive to the skin. Apply neosporin or aquaphor to the affected areas, and contact your esthetician with any questions regarding aftercare.

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